Monday, June 18, 2018



This is a clip I learned about from Jonathan Franzen's National Geographic article about birds, which I read last weekend in the name of doing research for this website.  Crowboarding, snowbirding, crowbirding...whatever you want to call it in the youtube comments, this is a dope movie.

GHOST DOG 2: GHOST BIRD - You thought the pigeons from GHOST DOG 1 were dead...but one of them--"Ghost Bird"--survived the massacre, and he's out for blood. Hi-ya!  


Disney caught a lot of flack for this crow scene, because of the smoking, but I think it holds up. It's a friggin' crow smokin' a cigar!

THE BIRDS 3: BIRDS VS. FISH VS. INSECTS: TOTAL WAR - This explosive installment in The Birds Quadralogy (THE BIRDS, THE BIRDS 2: NO HUMANS, THE BIRDS 3: BIRDS VS. FISH VS. INSECTS: TOTAL WAR, and THE BIRDS 4: FISH VS. INSECTS: NO BIRDS) finds Zach Hunter and his gang in the woods, on the run from Lord Flycatcher, with time running out. (Hunter has discovered a map containing the location of a machine that controls the weather, and the Bird Federation will stop at nothing to get it.) Tom Cruise and Andy Serkis knock it out of the park again as Zach Hunter, the duck.

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  1. I love everything you wrote about The Birds Quadralogy and am deeply disappointed that it does not exist in real life.