Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Thomas and I, along with my good friend Engineer Miles, have started a podcast about birding.
That's supposed to be the topic of this website, too, as you might recall, but I've let it devolve into shameless, mind-numbing lists as of late (what is this, every other website?!) and the birding has taken a back seat. 

Now, thanks to this podcast, it's back in the front seat.
One thing I learned about hobbies this year is that the only way to stick with them is to do them with friends. Look at how Vancouver Boys Book Club got us all reading two books a month, for example.  (UPDATE: I finally finished ANNA KARENINA yesterday.) This podcast, originally titled BIRDS WITH FRIENDS, is like Vancouver Boys Book Club for birds.
We had to record some of it on Thomas's iPhone, and scheduling has been an obstacle (this thing's got more moving parts than Anna Fuckin' Karenina!) but I can tell we're onto something good. In any case it's nice to be recording out in the woods, instead of a tiny kitchen filled with Thomas's science homework.  

Look "after the jump" for some pictures from our expedition. (CLICK TO ENLARGE): 

Pileated woodpecker

The majestic banana slug.


See you next time, birders! 

UPDATE: If you, like Thomas, are enamored with the idea of a bird with a human penis, check out these posts by the internet's best website, liartownusa.tumblr.com

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