Saturday, February 4, 2017


This morning, I finally woke up at a decent hour--7:00 AM!--but by the time I'd had breakfast and watched Goodfellas it was 11:25. I was in a mood, thanks to the movie, probably, that had me feeling like I wanted to listen to some music and look out a bus window for a long time, so I put on my headphones, took the bus to the Portland Bus Station and bought myself an Economy Extra Greyhound ticket to Vancouver...Canada. Crazy, huh? Sometimes you have to follow your gut. But at 8 PM, when it was time to board, they told me I was too drunk to get on the bus. I told em nuh uh, but they weren't having it. They'd heard that one before. So I called J-Bird, and he picked me up, and I bought him Kooky Chicken for giving me a ride. Altogether, I spent about $155.

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