Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Belated.. Par For The Course

Well Salud to a New Year and a New Hobby. I've just wrapped my head around the fact that it's already February. I've crashed and burned badly with regards to my New Years Resolutions, so i thought what a better time then now to start a new hobby -- birding.

The thought process is that i've always wanted to spend more time outside. Plus, this girl I once knew, who was really incredible, started dating a guy who Birds and eventually married that guy. Soo here I am thinking that by identifying birds, I might some how get to fuck that chick.

As with any new hobby it takes awhile for me to gain enough momentum to commit. My intuition is telling me to go early in the morning. So Until then, hope Y'all are watching as much Viceland as me. It's great Tele.

And Lets not forget that it's Black History Month, please check out a few of my personal favorite people.

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