Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Hey fans, sorry for neglecting my blogging duties again. I got sucked into that deadly whirpool that sucked in all your other favorite blogs (except Byron Crawford and The Martorialist): the whirlpool of abandoning your blog to start a podcast nobody wants, and then abandoning the podcast. I watched--and helped--this same thing happen to 100 Grand On My Wrist,Yeah Life Sucks a few years ago, so I should've been able to avoid it, but I didn't. I got sucked in just like the rest of em. (Blame my friends and family for telling me I have a good radio voice!!!)
Anyway, the podcast is back, with a NEW LOGO. 
For this episode, Thomas and I went to Garretson Point in East Oakland, to observe the native waterfowl, and ask some fellow birders to identify them for us off-mic.   

Bird photos and addendums after the jump. (Click to enlarge.)

Coots, and a potential Willit

Willits (maybe)



 A gopher, or mole, or mouse
Viewing platform

Cormorants, gulls, and more. (Resting.)

The yellow cardinal

NOTE: There is a "callback" in this episode that won't make sense to you, because I accidentally edited out the original mention of the thing.

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  1. You would have to be a bird brain not to enjoy this podcast. What fun!