Monday, May 8, 2017


I was sitting with J-Bird and the cat, on the couch, watching a reality show called DUMP DYKES. It was four lesbian friends—Flip, Sami, Marissa, and DJ—who ran a dump together in Michigan.
“I bet I’d be a good dump employee” I said.
"They could call your show DUMP FAGGOT" said J-Bird. We were being all punchy and homophobic, because we were drunk from the night before. 
“Hmmph” I said.
Then I got an idea.
“Hey, let’s go to the dump” I said.

The dump was pretty dumpy, even for a dump.
“Are you sure this is the dump?” I said. “I don't see any employees.”
“There’s trash everywhere, isn’t there?”
“Yeah” I said, kicking the trash experimentally. “I guess.”
“So what are we doing here?”
"You know how DUMP DYKES has that contest," I began, "where you turn rescued trash into an art project, and if you win you get a free trip t--"
"That's your whole idea?" J-Bird interrupted. "To look for art supplies at the dump and win a free trip to Mexico?"
"Well, listen to my idea for the project" I said.

We didn't win.

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