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Oh hi!

How are you? My name is Thomas and I used to run a blog entitled 100 Grand on my Wrist, Yeah Life Sucks. That was a long time ago and the site is now down because my step-brother bought the domain name for me a while back and finally stopped paying the annual fee because it is a dead site. (Thanks Issac!) Anyways, boy am I excited to be writing here on my good buddy Jesse's website. Do you have any idea how many times Jesse has deleted and restarted this website, dear reader? Do yourself a favor and burn every word of text on this site into your retina because it could be gone by the time you wake up tomorrow, and Jesse is my favorite writer of all time (SORRY Jim Davis, your are in 2nd place).
Really feeling the subject of birding that NODF is bumping right now. Sounds like something Western Frontiersman would do in their spare time when they are not busy dying of Cholera.
So guys! I want to talk about rap music real quick: I used to be really into it, but than I stopped being into it. Since 100GoMW,YLS stopped I stopped listening to rap. What have I been listening to? Just like some bullshit that you would hate... don't even worry about it. But hey! I like rap again, check out these:

Do you know who Black Kray is? I think he is sort of popular, but I can't keep track of these things. My favorite youtube comment from one of his videos is "Lil B's best son", which makes sense. He's following Lil B's post-modernist abstract approach to rap and so you might not like him at first because he does not rap normal. Also he has a ton of material out and you have to really dig to find good stuff. This is my fav by him:

a.) this is a dope song title b.) I really like the atmosphere on this song c.) At like 2:20 when he switches to a whisper and things get real emotional: Thumbs up! I remember listening to this song at 6 AM before my Major Organ Biochemistry midterm as the sun was rising and really feeling those vibes, you know?

This is the most advanced Black Kray. If you like this song then congrats you're a DANG MILLENIAL.

Ok now we are going to get weirder. First off, I LOVE THIS SONG. All I want to listen to is sad and angry music and this is some quality sad raps. Thumbs up to this teen for making a song that really resonates with me when I'm driving home from school at 2 AM not feeling great about life things.

Very chill vibes! This is a great song. It has over 2 million views, so I guess people agree with my assessment. Really like these lines:

From the way that your face glows
From the light of your cell phone
To the way that your hair falls
Down past your cheek bones
And they way that the sun shone
Made the cracks in the blinds glow

You ever check out Glow Blogs? This song fits with that atmosphere perfectly.

Are you seeing a theme here? Apparently I love sad white rappers now. What does that say about my current state of mind?....No comment! A bunch of these videos have an anime clip looped for the video. I didn't know there was such a crossover between anime and rap music. Do you guys like anime? I don't really, because I have a real job and have had sex before (Gotcha anime fans!). Lil Peep is a great reason why you shouldn't watch music videos and just enjoy the music: I saw this video of his and now I can't shake the fact that he looks like the shitty dude who shows up uninvited to High School parties and tries to sell weird drugs that will probably cause cardiac arrest.

This sounds like it was recorded inside of an overwhelmed circuit board. Apparently there are 3 different rappers on this song but they all sound the same to me?? I support maximum vocal distortion in all genres of music. Anyways, this sounds very futuristic even though it is from 2015 lol! Ah dang dude I really got to wrap this up. I promised myself I would do this in under an hour so that I can get back to studying (I'M TRYING TO GET INTO MED SCHOOL GUYS)

Ok first of all, you are going to hate this song and I accept that. I watched 30 seconds of a Yunggoth interview and he looks like he is permanently staring at the sun due to a soul-crushing xanax problem, so please factor that in. These lyrics are good though! Very dark shit here, really feeling the dead-on-the-inside vibes. Check out the percussion that comes in at 2:15 and drones out, little things like that in a beat please my ears greatly.

Is this rap anymore? Maybe not! Just trying to end on the most depressing note possible for you guys. These songs are all clutch for 3 AM self-reflection dark thoughts. OK I really have to go. Just remember don't try to fucking live a comfortable meaningless life, find purpose in your life and work hard. True happiness comes from achieving goals that are not easily attainable and require extended periods of discomfort and pain. Don't be a fucking pussy.

Happy birding!
There you have it folks. If you're into rap blogs, you know what a big deal this is, and if you're not, you still know what a big deal this is because this post is tight as hell. (If anything, Thomas has gotten even MORE Thomas-y these past couple years.) Thanks a million, Thomas! You're MY favorite writer.

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