Sunday, February 26, 2017



the dog’s in the garage
a fallen all-star from my squad
who broke free from this world of meat
to lick the face of god
i’m going bird watching
as soon as i’m done graving
i’m grabbing those binoculars
that cost me all my savings

deep into the forest, now
i’ve worn holes into my socks
but still, ahead’s where i must plow
clutching my trusty binocs
it’s raining cats and dogs outside
and outside’s where i’m at
i wish i had some kind of roof
to block the dogs and cats
why did i come thwacking
through the misty woods this eve?
i wonder as i slip and fall
upon the winter leaves 
then lightning strike a tree nearby
and, fearing death, I shriek
but there, in the electric sky
i see a robin’s beak!
i mark it in my Sibley
pump my fist and take a shot
i try to do it glibly
but i scream: “IT’S ALL I’VE GOT!”
i wish that I could clarify
but i can’t find the words
it’s just so great to be out here
with me
me and my birds

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