Friday, September 21, 2018


One of my favorite things to do when life gets difficult, or something is taking a long time, is to lie down. I'm not trying to fall asleep, necessarily--although that happens a lot--but I am trying to space out and not talk to anybody, as if I were asleep. Lying down helps me focus on my plans, free from the distractions of the vertical world: Work. Decision making. The peanut gallery. None of these things can bother me when I'm alone in a room with the door locked, lying down.
Unfortunately, not everyone is supportive of my passion. My roommate often makes fun of me for lying down. My parents tell me to "seize the day"--as if I couldnt seize the day lying down! And my grandfather, who was a big fan of manual labor, used to say that lying down was for lazy people, like me. Maybe he had a point there. But look at my grandfather now: he's dead. Thats the ultimate lie down. And here I am, sitting up.
But not for long.

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