Tuesday, July 3, 2018


*Slam poet reads aloud from the t-shirt he's wearing.*

& weed
& papers
& fire
& crutch material.

The spliff addict is constantly thinking of new ways to build, replace or obtain these 5 elements. 
The 5 elements of addiction.
If he doesn't have tobacco or weed, he will mine some from the nooks and crannies of his apartment;
if he doesn't have papers, he will use some other type of paper;
Et cetera. 

I know these intimate details of spliff addiction
because I was a spliff addict.

I once rolled a spliff out of

*Shows crowd the back of shirt*

blunt guts
& stems
& computer paper.

I did a lot of bad writing while I was high on spliffs.

I smoked a few spliffs while I was writing this.
I'm going to smoke one right now.


I'm smoking it.

Talking about it still makes me want to do it.

That's how bad of a spliff addict I was.

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