Monday, April 17, 2017


Sorry, folks, I've been eschewing the bird theme of this blog again. Here, to get us back on track, is a list of Bird Songs By Bay Area Rappers.

Andre Nickatina - Awake Like An Owl

Lots of rappers compare the streets to a jungle, but Andre Nickatina is the best at it, because of all his animal references. This list could've been ALL Nickatina, probably--and should've been!!--but it's too late now. On top of this song, he has "Raven" (from the hilariously-titled album RAVEN IN MY EYES) and "Bird With No Wings," and even more, if you google it. Referring to someone as the animal they resemble--like a "crooked crow"--is a valuable poetic device when you're trying to describe a person in an efficient way, and that's a language lesson I learned from these zoological raps of Andre Nickatina that you can appropriate in your own writing, too, you little copycat! Anyway, this song got "plucked" over the other Nickatina bird jams because it has girls doing a bird call on the hook.

C-Bo - Birds In The Kitchen

This song was not made famous by being the theme song to mine and Thomas' cooking podcast BIRDS IN THE KITCHEN. One time, we were recording an episode of the podcast (or maybe it was the other podcast) when Thomas asked me if I knew what C-Bo's name stood for. I mimed the answer for him, so as not to reveal it to the listeners, and it was very good. Cocaine-related bird references are the easiest bird references, but I wanted to include this one to tell you that unforgettable story.

E-40 - Duck

This one was just to be funny. Good semi-forgotten E-40 song, though. Is "don't drive a Testarossa [intentionally mispronounced "toaster-ossa"], but my toaster'll roast ya" a good line? "Yes, very" says I!!

Mac Dre - Stool Pigeon

Mac Dre had a dance called "The Bird" that you can see in this "Giggin'" video, and later on in that same song Mac Mall references an "advanced
bird dance" called "The Buzzard," but "Giggin'" will unfortunately not be mentioned in this post because this post is about Bay Area raps that reference birds in the title of the song. That's why I went with "Stool Pigeon." Merriam-Webster defines "stool pigeon" as "a pigeon used as a decoy to draw others within a net," but I think Mac Dre is using it as a metaphor here. Yup--the hook confirms it! 


  1. I really enjoyed this post. A simple theme to write about, but the possibilities are endless. I especially enjoyed your story about miming the meaning of C-Bo's name. Good stuff here!