Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I don't usually like to talk about serious issues on here, but--actually, never mind. It's too controversial. It was a political thing, and birdin'--the topic of this blog--isn't about politics. Birdin' is about escape. The purpose, ironically, is to UN-birdin' yourself of things like politics. Out there in the field, there's no laws or vetoes or filibusters. Probably not, at least. And that's what we love about it.  
Speaking of escape, actually, movies are a form of escape, and today I'm going to talk about some of my favorite bird movies. (What can I say, I love to escape!) Here are my top 3:

THE BIRDS is a movie about all the birds teaming up on us. Normally, in real life, you only get attacked by one or two birds at a time. Not that scary. But what if a whole flock of birds attacked you? You might not be so calm anymore. This movie was filmed in Northern California, where I grew up, and I think my childhood proximity to it is why I feel like I have to watch birds so closely, now.  

David Attenborough's THE LIFE OF BIRDS.
If you ask me, they should've called it THE WHITE MAN'S BIRDIN'. It's still really good, though. (More of a TV series than a movie.)

Just kidding.

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