Saturday, February 4, 2017


CHICKEN RUN: This is the first movie my family owned on DVD. Cool, huh? And here's another fun fact for you: Everything in the movie is made out of chicken!
FOR THE BIRDS: This is a short film by Pixar that played before one of their longer films. It's about these mean little birds who gang up on a big dumb bird. The message (spoiler alert!) is that dumb triumphs over mean, which is true I guess. The dumb bird makes a honking noise that's really, really funny.
EXPLOSIVE EVERSION OF A DUCK PENIS: It's short, and it's a crowd pleaser, and what more do you want from a movie? You want it to have Matthew McConoughhey in it? 
WINGED MIGRATIONBoy...I didn't get around to watching this until last night, and I was drunk, but it really delivers the birds. It's fun to imagine yourself in a bird pack, soaring and honking with your boys, working together towards a common objective. My favorite part was when the exhausted seabirds land on the boat, in the middle of the deep, deep ocean, and instantly fall asleep. It made me want to become a trucker.

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