Monday, January 23, 2017


Enlightening day, today. It was one of those great days you get right after you've started a fresh new hobby, when it's all buying books and looking stuff up on wikipedia. I learned a lot of non-technical facts.
For example, it's actually called "birding," as it turns out, instead of "birdwatching." If you're serious about it, the wording is "birding." Tight, huh?
Also, the guy who wrote the James Bond books was a birder. MOONRAKER was named after his pet bird, Moonraker. Might seem surprising to you that someone like that would be interested in birds, but it actually makes sense. James Bond is always looking through binoculars and shit. And in London, where James Bond works, "bird" is slang for "woman." (But not vice versa.)
But I didn't just stay inside all day. This is all stuff they told me at the library. I had to go there to get bird information, because I blocked the internet from my computer two nights ago, in a fit. I downloaded this productivity app that blocks your favorite websites for you during times when you're supposed to be filling out job applications, and I accidentally got drunk and set it to everything and forever.
So I had to trek 4.2 miles through soggy American Spirit butts and gutter water to do my research. (Maybe the day wasn't totally fun, now that I think about it.) Plus, I had to do this all in shorts, because I took all my pants to the tailor to get hemmed three days ago, and the tailor went out of business.
Fortunately, though, the Vancouver Washington Public Library is super plush, and dry. It's 4 stories tall! And the librarians there are really chill about cursing, as long as you whisper. Walking between those plastic security things at the entrance, I felt like I was Jesus, walking into a tool library. It felt good to be amongst the handiwork (books) of some fellow master craftsmen (writers).
"Morning, Kathleen" I whispered to the front desk librarian. I felt excited to be able to ask her a question that was about books, and not the internet.
"Hi" said Kathleen, in a surprised tone. (I guess she hadn't seen me standing there.) "What can I help you with."
"I was wondering if you could help me log on to the internet" I said.
"Ok" she said. And then she started to tell me how to do it, but I cut her off.
"Just kidding" I said.
Long story short, I picked this book IDENTIFY YOURSELF: THE 50 MOST COMMON BIRDING CHALLENGES as my first book to read about birding. It's really good. I mean, I haven't read it yet, but the first couple pages and the back part are good. And President Jimmy Carter liked it.
But get this: After I've picked out this book to read--and picked another book, too, for fun (ANNA KARENINA, which I heard was also good), and poked around on for a couple minutes--I'm leaving the library, feeling smart, when who should run into me but my ROOMMATE, J-Bird, in his car! I should've just gotten a ride with him!

To be continued...

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