Thursday, January 26, 2017


The Volvo rammed into my upper thigh with the force of a rampaging ram.
"AAaaarrrghhhh" I yelled, clutching myself.
My roommate honked his horn.
"What the fuck are you--Oh shit, Jesse?" he said, seeing me.
"What the fuck are you doing?" I said.
"What the fuck are YOU doing?" he said.
Eventually, we figured it out. We were both going to the library. I got into the car, and he parked.
"You're still going to the library?" I said.
"Yeah" he said. "That's why I came here."
"Ok" I said. "I'll just wait in the car."
It was still raining outside. Rain droplets assaulted the windsheild like assault rifle bullets from a gangster's gun. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! I decided to check out my new birding book, to distract myself. Fortunately, it had a great opening sentence:  
"There are many people who are content with seeing birds and thinking, "Look, there's a bird, " and they leave it at that."  
Heh heh I thought. Not me. Not anymore. I read on, and learned some fun facts about birding. (See my previous adventure, DAY 2, for more info on these facts.) My mind drank them in greedily, like a hummingbird drinking from a flower. Then I got thirsty, and decided to go back the the library to hit up the drinking fountain. But I ran into a problem, on the way there: My roommate got back from the library. And weirdly enough, he had a birding book with him!! One of the ones I'd rejected. I guess I have better taste than he does.  
Anyway, now he's a contributor to the site. I figured, what the hell, I could use some more content creators on the No One Dies Forever team. And I need someone to go birding with, to prove that I actually saw the birds.  

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